Many people wanted to see the beautiful Krakow. And as it turns out such a Krakow has the opportunity to see by every one of you, even come to visiting it just for the weekend. That is why you must know that if you are already in this wonderful city should not only see Wieliczka, but also of Auschwitz, which is gaining a lot of tourists from around the world every year. To get to know the place you need to spend a lot of time because one part of the camp takes almost two hours and you should also visit the second part, which will take the same amount. This place has obviously refer to the Nazi crimes that were committed against Poles, but also for other people. If you really interested in this subject, you can always listen to lectures or workshops about such Nazi torture and the death camps. In addition, you can watch a documentary movie which takes about fifteen minutes where you will get the information what the first moments after the liberation of the camp. Due to the great interest of this place you have to book your trip much earlier.

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The greatest Wieliczka

In addition, always being in place you can see a wonderful Wieliczka, which has become very popular among many people, and there is nothing surprising in this. This is precisely the Wieliczka you can explore buying the ticket, so you are sure that you will see it with a guide that will guide you and tell you the story. Do not wait, just today learn more about such trips, which undoubtedly will be satisfied. That is why it is worth to see Wieliczka in its full glory, to make sure that they actually have seen it all. It definitely afford this type of tour especially that Krakow is a great place really worth seeing and a visit by everyone. Definitely it is worth to visit such places and enjoy them which you will be satisfied. more information here – trip to Krakow. This website, will be very helpful.